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“China Girl” Makes NBC’s Holiday Gift List

Stuck on a holiday gift idea? NBC recommends my book, along with the work of four other talented Asian-American authors, for the holidays, and who am I to argue? For more details on all five books, visit the NBC link. Here’s the excerpt for “China Girl”:

The short stories that make up author Ho Lin’s “China Girl” range from a tale about a political dissident traveling with his minder to the story of the China girl of the book’s title — a young model trying to navigate the culture (and men) of modern Beijing.

“‘China Girl,’ as you’d expect from the title, is partially about China and partially about women. But it’s also about the connections and collisions between East and West,” Lin said in an email.

“The stories in this collection have been gathered from over a decade’s worth of work, and were inspired by my life and travels around Asia the past few decades,” he added. “Each story is influenced by a place, or a time, or a film, or even a song — some are personal, and some are fantastical.”

Ready to order a copy? Hop on over to Amazon.

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“China Girl” Review: Reader Views

A fresh review of “China Girl” has arrived, courtesy of Reader Views.

Some highlights from the review:

“Ho Lin is a master of painting miniature worlds… While each piece is unique, Lin’s impressive storytelling weaves them together to build a unique tapestry… I find it difficult to engage with short stories sometimes. Some are too short to leave me feeling satisfied, while others drone on without saying much of anything. ‘China Girl: And Other Stories’ is the first to hold my complete attention in a long time… a perfect example of what an anthology should be.”

Full review here.

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“China Girl” Finalist in 2017 Best Book Awards

I’m pleased as punch to announce that my new short story collection China Girl and Other Stories has been selected as a finalist in the “Fiction: Short Story” category of the 2017 Best Book Awards. Thanks to all those who have supported me in this literary adventure thus far — I look forward to reporting on more news and events in the months ahead!

I was recently invited to provide a guest blog for Long and Short Reviews on what “China Girl,” and China, mean to me. The full blog post is available on the Long and Short Reviews website.





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